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Designed to be simple and delightful

Apollo is an electric longboard inspired by the first Hawaiian "Papa he'e Nalu" that were surfing the Pacific waves. Those primeval surfboards were sculpted from the most precious tree trunks. Long and narrow boards were allowing those belonging to the noble castes of society to ride the docile waves and enjoy the environment.

This is the very same spirit of Apollo

A longboard that reminds you the first surf boards, when they were still hand crafted pieces of wood.

It is hard to recreate the feeling of being on top of a nice wave, but when you ride Apollo you'll start moving side to side in an infinite succession of bends following one another, a natural pace, almost hypnotic and relaxing. 

Apollo's deck is made of 7 wood layers and a final ply of "Noce Canaletto", a precious walnut essence with an intense and distinct grain.


On the board's top, instead of the classic black grip, a layer of quarzite is kept in place by a transparent enamel to keep the wood underneath visible and perceptible. 


Two brushless motors, 680 Watts each, are powering the rear wheels. Belt and pulleys are protected with an aluminium case from dust and debris while helping to reduce the ingress of moisture.

The remote control is equipped with a digital proportional stick and with an handy button is possible to choose between two speed and acceleration settings: low (16 Km/h) and high (25 Km/h).

Breaking is regenerative, so energy that would be otherwise wasted is actually recharging the batteries, helping to increase the board range even further.

A cruise control function has been integrated into the remote, so when you reach the desired speed you can lock it and then let go the finger from the accelerator stick.

A very thin battery contains 20 lithium polymers Samsung 18650 cells and gives enough energy for approximately 20Km of range. It really doesn't take much space and it is secured to the board by solid auto-locking stainless steel bolts and nuts.

A useful waterproof USB port is available onboard. It can conveniently charge the remote control or a smartphone while the board is not in use.


Every Apollo is unique and therefore is numbered.

There are no mass productions, no assembly lines, every board is put together in Italy with extreme care and attention.

During the check-out is possible to choose the serial number between the available ones.

Delivery time is one week, excluding tailor made orders.

1. Weight of the rider, steepness of the road, temperature and charging cycles can significantly affect the range.

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