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A new way to explore

ATON's powerful motors spin 4 high traction pneumatic wheels mounted on sturdy tracks with suspensions allowing a comfortable use both on the road and off-road. An extra large flexible deck, build with 8 layers of maple and 2 plies of bamboo it's then contributing to make your journey even smoother.

Mechane Aton Off-Road Longbard mountainboard

Aton is a longboard born to explore new trail without being too worried or to ride again those country roads too long to walk or too boring to cycle.


ATON is powered by two brushless engines 2000 Watts each. They are both using an external rotor to maximise torque, they are protected with a metal casing and they are connected to the wheels with a motorbike style belt. For increased stiffness of the rear track, we added two stainless steel bars between the motor holders.

The speed controller employs sine-wave modulation allowing fine-grained speed control compared to many other competitors.

Maximum speed is electronically limited to 35Km/h and the maximum climbing capability is 55%


Mechane Aton motori brushless a cinghia
Mechane Aton Batteria con display

50 Samsung 18650 cells are fitted into the battery case under the deck. With 36V, 10Ah and the regenerative braking function implemented onboard, Aton range is approximately 25Km.

Right in the case front a useful display constantly monitors the battery voltage and operates a warning sound when the lowest level is reached. Such a big battery pack provides not only extended range, but also a higher sustained peak discharge for speeding and climbing

Charging time is usually between 3 to 5 hours.



Mechne Aton vista laerale profilo

Like all other Mechane's vehicles also Aton is assembled in Italy in a limited numbered series.

Many custom options are available. Lead times are usually two weeks for the standard board.

Mechane Aton serial number

1. Weight of the rider, steepness of the road, temperature and charging cycles can significantly affect the range.

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