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We have thoroughly studied one of the best scooters on the market, finding many weaknesses and naivety. Here is a point by point comparative to understand what makes the Kronos scooter the best choice for everyday urban use, a solid and durable scooter with mechanical choices aimed at increasing the life of the vehicle and thus avoiding waste of materials and energy.


Unlike competitors, completely lacking a readable speedometer, Kronos has a backlit LCD display, readable in any light condition that allows you to conveniently view the current speed and battery status. With the button it is possible to switch on the front and side lights separately and check the status with the appropriate icons on the display.


Although the charging socket is the same, we have found a much more comfortable position to install it. It is no longer necessary to bend down to the most hidden point of the scooter but it is in plain sight just below the display. Here it is also safe from any splashes of water and from the dust raised by the wheels and, moreover, while having always an eye on it is easier to remember to cover it with the special protection tab.


What represents the Achilles heel for the opponents has become a boast for Kronos. Most users of normal scooters find themselves with a slender and wobbly release after just a few days of use. The mechanism gets loose and there is no way to fix it except by using palliatives such as felt pads or adhesive rubber strips cut at random. The safety lock is also difficult to operate with one hand and rather slow to be opened and closed. Kronos, on the other hand, uses a completely forged aluminum release, solid and robust. The locking strength can be adjusted with a stainless steel screw and therefore it will remain firm even after hundreds of openings and closures. It is very easy to operate even with one hand, despite the safety, and it is much faster to open and close.


An aeronautical aluminum frame is undoubtedly already a good starting point but slightly increasing the steering angle, wheelbase and adding a sturdy rear suspension makes a huge difference. For these reasons Kronos, unlike the other scooters, is much more stable and safe to ride on the uneven cobblestones typical of our Italian towns.


The purpose of the headlight of a vehicle for road use must be to illuminate the road, not to blind the passers-by. On Kronos the annoying little LED in front of the handlebar is no longer present but, lower down, there is a projector LED headlight very similar to what is used on the best cars. It illuminates the road from a much more favorable point for maximum efficiency and is adjustable to satisfy even the most demanding pilots.


Puncturing a tire is never a pleasant experience. Worse if the wheel also includes parts like an electric motor that complicate disassembly. This is why Kronos does not have the classic tires with an inner tube available on other scooters but tubeless tires instead filled with self repairing latex. 


Larger calipers in forged aluminum and increased disc size for greater heat dissipation replace the humble kit of rivals. The mudguard is equipped with an aluminum release for the handlebar and there is a reinforcement to prevent anyone who, with the old habit of braking by pressing the fender, to crack it at the first stop.