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KRONOS mini_EMO2.jpg

Kronos mini

small triumph of technology

We have packed our latest news in a
very portable size weighting only 10Kg. which
and when it's closed, it occupies 40% less
space compared to Kronos 2.0
Lots to love. Less to carry.
KRONOS mini_motore.jpg
500W max power and 7,5Ah battery
On the new Kronos mini, inside practical 6.5" wheels
we fit a 250W nominal power engine with a whopping 15Nm of torque.
It allows you to tackle slopes up to 15° without fear and
travels up to 20km in SPORT mode on one charge.
KRONOS mini_manubrio.jpg
Equipped with the new KERS brake with almost 1900 watts of power
We have equipped Kronos mini with the new
energy recovery electronic brake with the
extraordinary power of 1890 watts.
Even if we also fitted a foot brake on the rear axle you will end up
with falling in love with the handy command of the new brake on the left hand, proportional and always adjustable through the APP.
KRONOS mini_waterproof.jpg
Water, dust  and splash proof
Like his bigger brothers also Kronos mini is
IP54 certified, therefore it is dust and water resistant.
And like our other eScooter it is equipped with the best performing
front light of the category.
It lights up the way from below without blinding incoming traffic.
Nothing is missing, there are also the side LEDs!
KRONOS mini_EMO.jpg

Kronos Mini

(available from February 2021)

250W nominal power (15Nm torque)

7.5Ah Battery (20km range in sport mode)*

6,5" solid tires

10,5Kg Net weight

90kg load weight

New 1890W proportional regenerative electronic brake

Bluetooth 4.2 with APP

IP54 dust and water resistance

* Tested autonomy is 20Km, average of 5 tests on indoor high friction athletic tarmac track with 85Kg load.


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