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ride like a Greek God ...

Eos, Era or Ermes, what do they have in common?


A soul designed and forged to make your movements fast, safe and comfortable, as if you were the protagonist of the scene.


We love to design and create vehicles that are useful to people, with which they can also identify in the brand.

Handy and sprintery


The latest arrival at Mechane, and it's love right away.


A mix of elegance and functionality, the smart battery is mounted in the saddle tube, so that the rest of the frame can be developed without constraints, as well as having a very balanced weight center of gravity.

He enters all the trunks and can accompany you on all your travels and adventures, maintaining the right elegance.

new Eos 2024

Clean, Sober and Characterful

To conquer any city, even crossing dirt tracks with a bit of healthy trekking to get there.

Without any added frills, the New Eos has everything you need for everyday urban use. The integrated gearbox with rotary gear selector and integrated display make it as clean and uncluttered as ever, and consequently safer to break down.

EOS 2023

For all tastes

The Queen of the City who doesn't disdain a bit of healthy trekking.

Equipped with all the comforts for everyday urban use, such as mudguards, twin lights, integrated battery, magnetic bag, integrated luggage rack, etc., it is an able companion on mixed weekend routes.


The maximum

Flagship of the company Mechane, produced entirely by hand in Italy, unique and numbered pieces, to add uniqueness to the product.

With Ermes you don't go unnoticed or if you use it to go for an aperitif in the center, nor to walk the most impervious mountain paths.

After the ride, park it in the living room, your guests will appreciate your tastes in design.

Now you can customise your ebike and more, an inscription, a name or even graphics or company logos and brands all your own, easy.



complete your ebike with our

Now you can find the best accessories for riding and using our Ebikes safely directly from us: helmet, padlocks, harnesses and much more.

Caffetteria con biciclette
Nel negozio di biciclette

we won't abandon you in the after-sales phase

The strength of a company does not stop at the sale of the product, it lies above all in satisfying any customer need during post-sales, such as assistance:

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