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timber, engine
and lots of style  


€ 1.299,00



un motore elettrico potente al mozzo posteriore spinge come un razzo la piccola Era fino ai massimi consentiti 25 Km/h.
Cerchi da 16 pollici con pneumatico da strada largo 2 pollici, 
portano il comfort di guida a livelli alti, per affrontare tutti i manti stradali che troviamo in città.
30/40km di autonomia in modalità sport.
Freni a disco, sia sull'anteriore che sul posteriore, massima sicurezza.

Guarda tutto quello che sa fare questa meraviglia.


small but very powerful


Motorizzazione elettrica

An engine with racing roots created in Emilia-Romagna,
in the home of competitions, where every day you can breathe
air of genius and mechanics.

85Nm of torque at 130rpm is sports bike performance
that bring EOS to the top of its category.
Set at maximum power, it multiply your strength by 400%,
it's like having 4 other people pedaling with you!

The autonomy with the standard 420Wh battery is already extraordinary,
up to 150km with one charge. *



The practicality of an accessory that hasn't been seen around for 30 years
in a modern and refined design.

Inspired by bicycle bags from the early 90s, a comfortable waterproof cordura pouch is locked in position by handy magnets in a sturdy okoume plywood frame.

Smartphone, wallet, house keys ... even the EOS battery charger
can fit inside.

When needed, you can easily detach it and take it wherever you want!


carries parcels  and everything else too

The luggage rack of EOS not the classic wire accessory added to the frame,
but an integral part of it fixed with strong welds and
embellished with a wooden insert to make it flatter and more comfortable.

The tubes for fixing the side bags are also already present.

We have thought of everything!

Don't worry, be happy!!!

Important 700x44 wheels controlled by
powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes,

suspension fork and adjustable 8-speed transmission
Shimano with anti-fall front chainring. 

Wide and adjustable handlebar and led lights with twilight sensor.

Do you need anything else for your adventures?


Nominal 250W motor

85Nm of torque

cadence up to 130

11.6Ah battery (60 / 150km range) *

700x44 wheels with inner tube

Weight 26Kg

Max Load 100kg

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

Shimano 8-speed drivetrain

IP54 dust and water resistance

* Minimum range of 65km measured on a flat asphalt road, average speed 25km / h, level 5 engine assistance and 70kg rider. Range of 160km estimated in the same conditions but with level 1 engine assistance.


The information contained on this site is updated and declared correct on the date of publication. Since Mechane cannot verify the future conditions in which the product (s) mentioned here will be used, each user must evaluate them in the context in which he intends to use them. Mechane is not responsible for damages of any kind deriving from the use of this data within the maximum limits permitted by law. No guarantee is applied except for the one required by law.

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