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€ 5.990,00

ERMES uses OLIeds M01, the first e-bike engine completely designed and developed in Italy.

While the power is electronically limited to 250W and up to 25Km/h according to EU pedelec regulations, the torque tops at 80Nm.

5 levels of assistance are easily selectable from the control unit on the handlebar and once the maximum level is selected, a peculiarity of this engine is that it can deliver full power with only 80 Watts of muscular effort applied to the pedals.


ERMES is fitted with a 500Wh battery pack. Neatly protected by the frame from shocks and natural elements, it can be easily removed to be charged at home. A magnetic charging plug is also available right under the seatpost to charge the bike without having to remove the battery. While riding the bike the connector is safely covered with a magnetic silicon cap.

Dashboard, fuel tank or console?

Mechane Ermes USB integrata

USB integrata

Mechane Ermes display integrato

Integrated display

The shape of the glove compartment is inspired by motorcycles fuel tanks. Fitted with a waterproof lock it can also be ordered with a USB port to allow the recharge of your smartphone while parked or also while riding.

A computer display is fully integrated in the dashboard, completely adjustable from a comfortable 3 button console positioned next to the left handle.

For further protection a hidden push button can completely cut off the bike power. 

Mechane Ermes Faro Anteriore

A powerful LED headlight is seamlessly integrated into the frame. Mechane, in fact, was focussed on removing all the bulky accessories such as lights with handlebar support to keep the design as clean as possible.

Fitting such a luminous headlight in a compact space was not an easy job, but thanks to the use of high efficiency LED, a properly designed heatsink and top-notch electronics the result is a total flux of 2000 lumens, very close to a car high beam.


ERMES suspensions setup has been inspired by off-road motorcycles but always preferring comfort and reliability to other features. 

The rear linkage is a Single-Pivot Swingarm with 148mm of travel on oversized sealed ball bearings. Easy to maintain and extremely durable.

Other than having other two setup positions to adjust steering angle and travel, the rear shock is equipped with 3 rider customisable settings: preload, rebound and compression speed.

A triple crown upside down fork with 200mm of travel is handling the front wheel. Multiple advantages are supporting the choice of an upside down fork, such as the continuous natural lubrication of the seals, giving extra comfort on small ground roughness. Oversize stachions and legs then give an internal bigger air volume helping to dissipate heat and making the fork tuning more precise.

Serial number
Mechane Ermes seriale

ERMES is designed, manufactured and assembled in Italy. Very small batches are carefully hand crafted and engraved with serial numbers and production date. The first three models produced are part of the Founder Series, which is even more exclusive.

Two wheels, technology e big ventures

The design of ERMES was possible by joining together the founders' passions: two wheels, technology and big ventures.

The idea was to create an innovative vehicle that distinguished itself from what the market proposed, moving away from the common vision of cycling and e-bikes. The guidelines were the use of fine materials and the need to create a functional frame that would hide all the components inside it, maintaining a sinuous and captivating design. Geometries are inspired by enduro bikes but the ride position is comfortable both on the road and off-road. 

With this vehicle, Mechane aims to who have never thought of using the bike for the daily commute or to move around in everyday's life

Smart and distinctive design

Mechane Ermes Telaio contenitore

Frame boot

Mechane Ermes Legno


From the headset two wood fairings diverge towards the core of the bike, where the aluminium boxed structure of the frame is hosting the battery pack and a boot that can hold another battery or can be used as a spacious glove compartment.

The fairings are made of laminated veneered wood and they are interchangeable in few easy steps.

After the purchase it is possible to choose the favourite wood essence among the available finishes.


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