Kronos X

10/10 in every way.

The most powerful electric motor allowed by law
leaves all other scooters behind.
10" anti-puncture tires with extra soft double compound
take comfort to incredible levels.
40km of range in sport mode.
And the new electronic brake guarantees six times better performance.
Lets see what this wonder can do.
For a good  10" electric scooter is not enough to fit two 10" wheels
On the brand new Kronos X we have fitted soft double compound
10 inch wheels, they do not need maintenance and they
filter out the roughness of the ground better than all other solid tires.
We have installed a new fork, a new rear stay, a new motor and the best standard battery ever fitted on our scooters.
The best electronics available now give you even more power
With 500 nominal Watts, Kronos X has over 40% more power than our previous best scooter and consumes 15% less!
Thus, with the new standard 11.6Ah battery it allows a long distance
range of over 40 kilometers in SPORT mode.
KRONOS X_manubrio.jpg
The most powerful engine brake we have ever installed on a vehicle
You will forget the old disc brake.
We left its lever there, but on the right hand.
On the left hand there is a new proportional control
very similar to the accelerator which activates
a 2100 Watt KERS electronic brake.
And it is conveniently adjustable through our APP.
KRONOS X_waterproof.jpg
is not afraid of rain
Kronos X is IP54 certified so it easily resists
to dust and water sprays.

Kronos X

(available from February 2021)

500W nominal power (20Nm torque)

11.6Ah Battery (40km range in sport mode)*

10" soft double compound tires

Rear suspension

14,5Kg Net weight

100kg Load weight

New 2100W proportional regenerative electronic brake

Bluetooth 4.2 with APP

IP54 dust and water resistance

* The tested range is 42Km, average of 5 tests on an indoor athletic high friction tartan track with 85Kg load.


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