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€ 2.599,00


To conquer any city, even crossing dirt tracks with a bit of healthy trekking to get there.

Without any added frills, the New Eos has everything you need for everyday urban use. The integrated gearbox with rotary gear selector and integrated display make it as clean and uncluttered as ever, and consequently more break-proof.

Structural aluminium mudguards, twin lights, integrated 630Wh battery, integrated luggage rack with side bag attachment etc.. 

Shimano NEXUS 7v integrato al mozzo
controller shimano nexus 7v a manopola

everything integrated, even the gearbox

the gear ratio is now managed by one of the best gearboxes ever produced,

Shimano Nexus, the 7 gears are all inside the hub,

so we no longer have the 7 crowns with the derailleur with the possibility of breakage. even the selector is integrated in the knob, so you only have to turn it to select a suitable gear, even when stationary.


The rear derailleur is aided by the Bafang 210M mid-engine, 70Nm of torque 

that takes EOS wherever you want to go.

Set at maximum power it multiplies your strength by 300%,

it's like having three other people pedalling

along with you!

Mechane (8).jpg

Comfort first... as not to forget anything

comfortable and practical is something that gives you the chance to get through life without having to sacrifice anything.


the professionally milled and shaped Okumè wood carrier has hooks for a capacious and convenient bag, where you can store your belongings such as laptops and more.


Problems tackling a staircase or some steps? Not any more, in the centre of the frame, right above the motor, we have positioned a very comfortable cordura handle, which when not in use is magnetised, remaining adherent to the frame and disappearing from view.

...convenient, isn't it?


total cleanness...

on the handlebar we find only the bell, the complete absence of the components that have been integrated into the frame makes riding even more pleasant,

as well as safer from breakage or unpleasant acts of theft

luce frontale eos 2024 a manubrio

city or dirt track?

The 27.5' wheels with prominent 2.44' wide Kenda tyres

allow controlled riding on all types of roads,

aided by powerful Shimano hydraulic disc brakes,

shock-absorbing and adjustable front fork, 7-speed drivetrain with 

Shimano Nexus integrated in the hub,

no more derailleurs risky to break or difficult to adjust,

with the handlebar selector you can change gear even when stationary,

to start with an extra gear. 


Wide, adjustable handlebars and LED lights for better visibility at night.


Need anything else for your adventures?


all integrated and clean shapes... lots of personality

Finding the right angles in a frame is never easy

but anyone who has tried Ermes knows we are good at it


EOS comes in two sizes 44 and 52, and with the adjustable handlebar we can really cater for any riding style.


Nominal 250W motor

70 Nm of torque

cadence up to 130

17.5Ah battery (80 / 180km range) *

27.5x2.44 wheels with inner tube

Weight 25Kg

Max Load 100kg

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes

Shimano Nexus 7-speed drivetrain

IP54 dust and water resistance

lato sx eos nuova 2024

* Minimum range of 65km measured on a flat asphalt road, average speed 25km / h, level 5 engine assistance and 70kg rider. Range of 160km estimated in the same conditions but with level 1 engine assistance.


The information contained on this site is updated and declared correct on the date of publication. Since Mechane cannot verify the future conditions in which the product (s) mentioned here will be used, each user must evaluate them in the context in which he intends to use them. Mechane is not responsible for damages of any kind deriving from the use of this data within the maximum limits permitted by law. No guarantee is applied except for the one required by law.

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