mechane IS BORN

People from different background meet and find a common denominator in the desire to create electric vehicles that can change nowadays mobility.



 Everyone wants to be the protagonist of their own lives, hence the choice to call the start-up "mechane", like the crane ancient Greece theaters, which through ropes and pulleys, took the actor representing a God right in the center of the scene, making him the protagonist..


The founders are passionate about design and always looking to create something unique. Our goal is to design vehicles that are recognizable by their beauty and elegance, differentiating themselves from anything else in the market while maintaining functionality, simplicity and low environmental impact without compromising quality. 




From the beginning the goal was to be different from the many proposals available on the market.

Mechane products must be easily recognizable.



We always start with few simple lines and, as the project progresses, these lines give life to sinuous and captivating shapes and surfaces.


Our choice is to combine traditional materials such as metal and plastics with wooden components made by master craftsmen.

The result is a pleasant and elegant contrast.

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