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MAIN ADDRESS: Via Roncoduro 4 - Cazzago di Pianiga - VE Italy P. IVA 04414680274        SHOWROOM: Via Caltana 131 - Marano Veneziano di Mira - VE Italy +39 392 1554499

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Hidden in the front wheel


The brushless motor of 250 Watts of maximum power is positioned in the front wheel, is controlled by the accelerator positioned on the right side of the handlebar.

On the other side there the the brake lever and the acoustic signal, while in the center of the handlebar you can find the display.

Cover picture is used for illustrative purposes only. Mechane strongly advises against the use of heels and not suitable clothing while driving any electric vehicle.

Satisfies endless needs while keeping it simple

Many of you asked us when we would make a scooter with the distinguished Mechane design. 

To get to our "Kronos" we first tested the various models available on the market, we identified the critical points, we measured the performance and thus identified the characteristics that make our electric scooter the true ally of those who commute around the city.

Wooden components are made of Okumè plywood, a very resistant wood used in the naval environment and in the aeronautical industry for the production of ultralight planes.

this material guarantees excellent resistance to water and atmospheric agents while being a much more sustainable choice than processed rubber.

Most scooters on the market are not equipped with LED lights or, in the best case scenario, a low power LED is mounted rather high on the cockpit blinding those who proceed in the opposite direction without lighting the road very well. 

Kronos fits a powerful projector LED beam, the same technology used in the car industry, it is tilt-adjustable and is positioned very close to the road for the best efficiency.  At the back we find the classic red tail light, always lit when the scooter is on and flashing if braking.

A further novelty is represented by the side LEDs that allow you to be visible at night even when crossing the road.